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Short Stories

The birth of Odonata Care, LLC along with our booklet, The Care Plan: A Path to Comfort for the Hospice Patient, and this website began in 2018 as a book offering. Our book, The Truth About Dying, is a compilation of short stories sharing our experiences as hospice nurses at the bedside. Publishers were interested but the manuscript was not complete and our busy lives made for slow progress.


In March of 2020 when the Covid pandemic stopped the world in its tracks, we found ourselves with valuable time on our hands and the realization of what was truly needed. A practical hands-on guide to caring for the hospice patient would have farther reaching impact. With a gust of energy and enthusiasm, we dove into creating The Care Plan, which quickly evolved into our company, Odonata Care LLC, and this website offers a full range of information and support for anyone facing the end of life. Our mission has become: to transform end-of-life care with education and support.

We have not forgotten the original goal of publishing our book of short stories that help people touch the end-of-life process from a safe distance. Therefore we are happy to share five of our favorite
narratives. As Odonata Care grows we will invite submissions from nurses, physicians, caregivers, families, and patients sharing their wisdom and personal experiences with the dying process.

Brenda and Nancy

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