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Check List and Legal Forms

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.”

Pablo Picasso

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Advanced Directive

These legal forms and checklists that are very important to provide a current and complete picture of your financial, personal and household management, and your wishes for the future. It can be viewed as personal housekeeping.

Everyone should complete and regularly update this information - but most people don’t. We recognize the challenge in this work, but what it does for you and your family is create a clear picture and a sense of peace about who you are and how you manage your life. It will save your loved ones and your executor immense time, anxiety and frustration in executing your wishes after your death.

What these forms are really about is having the difficult conversations with your family, loved one or representative. Our society shies away from discussion of death. We worry that by discussing our end of life and actually planning for it, this will somehow hasten it’s arrival or be interpreted in the wrong way.

In actuality, having these conversations creates connection and closeness, with clarity of each person’s wishes. This understanding of each other creates a sense of freedom and peace. No one can do this for you, and if each individual were to complete these steps, it would prevent the stress and chaos that can often be seen at the end of a life - especially if the death is unexpected.

Just as a clean house provides a feeling of order, safety and comfort, so having these documents in place will provide that same sense of self-realization, pride and personal affirmation.

Brenda and Nancy

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