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About the Booklet

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When used as the centerpiece for hospice care:

  •  Significantly improves CAHPS scores

  •  Meets upcoming and changing Medicare  guidelines 

  •  Decreases triage & after-hours calls 

  •  Recruits and Educates nurses new to  hospice  and end-of-life care

When used in all hospice settings:

  • Easy  hands-on workbook for medication management

  • Simple-to-follow instructions for  addressing and alleviating common symptoms

  • Resources and tools, including short videos, that guide and educate all involved through a compassionate end-of-life process.

The Hospice Care Plan: A Path to Comfort for the Hospice Patient is the new standard in end-of-life education and support

The Hospice Care Plan has revolutionized the hospice experience around the country by improving the standard of care, alleviating anxiety with families and patients, and significantly reducing the number and urgency of after-hours calls.

The Hospice Care Plan was born out of the challenges experienced in supporting and educating hospice clients -  especially the distressed calls, day and night, from anxious caregivers, family members, and patients asking questions many times over.

The Hospice Care Plan effectively empowers patients and the care circle with this valuable information that can be accessed anytime, along with HOW-TO VIDEOS demonstrating personal care.

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