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A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

These free video tutorials have been created to assist families and caregivers to quickly learn caregiving techniques for bed-bound patients.

About The Booklet for more information.

Moving a Patient Up in Bed with a One Person Assist

Positioning for Comfort: To Lie on the Back

Moving a Patient Up in Bed with a Two Person Assist

Changing an Absorbent Brief for a Bed Bound Patient

Positioning for Comfort to Lie on the Side

Transfer a Patient from Bed into a Wheelchair

Position to Lying from Sitting at the Edge of the Bed

Placing a Turn or Drawsheet Under a Patient

Oral Care, Secretions, Hydration, and Nutrition for Hospice Patients

Medication Management: Organization and Administration

Bed Bath

How to Make a Personalized Hospital Gown

Meet the Care Queens!

Moving a Heavy Patient up in Bed

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